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Brand Concept

Working for more than ten years, CARBINS always insists on doing valuable products, For inferior raw materials and glue, we adhere to their original intention. In order to pursue good ductility, to ensure the consistency of film effect and tensile, construction speed increased by 30%.

Carbins Film all use the industry's highest standard polymer material, glue using Germany Henkel company as a long-term and main high-quality supply partner. We always believe that products speak; Only better quality, more leading products, to win the word of mouth of the world!

Brand Concept


Enterprise Advantage

Enterprise Advantage

Digital quality inspection system
Leading new film research and development capabilities

Enterprise Advantage

Enterprise Advantage

6S internal production management system
High precision coating slitting equipment
Stable source material supply system

The first company of ONE CODE ONE WRAP warranty system

Provide quality assurance for the products purchased by customers to ensure customer benefits

Each wrap roll has a unique product code to make sure it is Carbins quality product.

After successful purchase, you can scan the QR code or search "Carbins" on wechat to enter the official mini program. Search for warranty information by phone number or license plate information.

Quality Assurance

You can inquire by distributor's region and product number

If you have any questions, please contact customer service: +86 15989073786

Installation Worldwide

We cooperated with2000+professional wrap studios.


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