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  • Product Information

    PET metallic pearl series officially on sale

    PET zero orange peel satisfies more customers, CARBINS film PET metallic pearl series officially on sale.

    PET material

    Zero orange peel


  • Brand Information

    The 30th Yasen Exhibition in 2021

    This exhibition has been prepared for a long time. Both flagship brand CARBINS FILM and high-end brand XF FILM represent the strength of CARBINS.

    Coordinate Beijing

    Strong debut


  • Tungsten Gold Eclipse (PET) C3 SP-A01

    Tungsten Gold Eclipse (PET) C3 SP-A01

    Color: Tungsten Gold Eclipse (PET)

  • Super Glossy Coal ash (PET) C3 SP-01E

    Super Glossy Coal ash (PET) C3 SP-01E

    Color: Super Glossy Coal ash (PET)

  • Metallic Stone Gray (PET) C3 SP-01

    Metallic Stone Gray (PET) C3 SP-01

    Color: Metallic Stone Gray (PET)

  • Metallic Pearl Silver (PET) C3 SP-02

    Metallic Pearl Silver (PET) C3 SP-02

    Color: Metallic Pearl Silver (PET)

Market Dominant Position


CARBINS film using Germany top polymeric material, very good tensile when applying, easy install. Could be use for all clean, dry and smooth surface.

Not only best product performance effectively improve the construction efficiency, but also good stretching and leading glue technology can solve a variety of complex technical problems.


Car body more glossy. strong hydrophobic, easy to apply

Protect the car paint. TPU material, heat-healing, Corrosion resistant, antioxidant

Anti-scratch and anti-pollution. Not afraid of acid rain, and stone splashing, Fully cover the body to prevent accidents


CARBINS Film is the manufacturer of Vinyl Wraps Film. Being the pioneer of this industry in China, we developed since 2008, and grown up as a leading brand. Currently we have hundreds colors and patterns of Car stickers, hundred thousands rolls of the stocks, and ten hundreds dealers in China mainland and worldwide. Let car owner enjoy the instant change, individual travel is our wish.


CARBINS film company has professional production technology and high-tech industrial production lines. The annual output has reached 8 million square meters. Over the years, CARBINS has gained technical guidance from foreign professional manufacturers with high overseas popularity, as well as product feedback from major professional large stores, so as to continuously improve product quality.

Create a high-quality brand of high-end color changing materials. In the future, CARBBINS will continue to be committed to creating a more high-end and well-known body film brand, serving the market, and going abroad to compete with international brands, so that the quality of the world.


New marketing strategy, facilitate transactions

Ingenious brand quality, ensure customer satisfaction

Joint us

In-depth cooperation with over 100 dealership company

The first echelon high-quality brand in the industry

We cooperated with 2000+ professional wrap studios

The first company of ONE CODE ONE WRAP warranty system.